Monday, May 11, 2009

Second Guessing

I began blogging because I enjoyed reading several other peoples' blogs and thought it was something I could do. I had no idea the time commitment and the difficulty of being dedicated to something that you have no idea who (or for that matter if anyone at all) is reading it. Also, I've had some reservations about whether I'm truly interested in blogging about the topics I chose to put together. I still think there is an undeniable relationship between the two subjects, but I am no longer sure that they should be written about in the same blog. Perhaps they ought to be mutually exclusive. Anyway, I'm still trying to find time to write and still finding that money (and its pursuit) is one of the main reasons I can't find the time to do much of it. Of course, parenting is no small obstacle. That being said, I enjoy being a father more than anything else I've ever experienced, so it is a small price to pay.


I do think there will be more posts to come if you're a reader. I hope to get back to some of the topics that go me going in the first place. Stay tuned...

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