Thursday, February 20, 2014

Recent changes to investment Philosphy:

1)  Still heavily weighted on equities: domestic, international/ large-cap, small-cap
2)  Fewer individual equities, more broadscale ETFs and mutual funds
3)  Emphasis on tax-advantaged accounts:  Roth and Traditional IRAs, 403(b) and 401 (k), and HSAs.  Some put into children's 539 plans, the rest in savings account and to pay off debt (house and car).
4)  A few hedges in Fidelity Account (ETF--ProShares Short S&P.. symbol SH) and a silver mining ETF--(iShares MSCI Global Silver Miners.. symbol SLVP).
5)  Other than that, I'm staying the course.  Our returns were great over the past several years.  That said, I'd like to build the cash position higher for when there's a pullback.