Sunday, January 20, 2008

Writing and Money

As way of introduction. I am an aspiring writer who recognizes the importance of leisure time in order to pursue my dream of authorship. Understanding the need for time and the relationship between time and money, I have made it my goal to become financially independent of 'the man.' Also, having some background in economics and investing, I realize that the best way for a person of my limited means to reach a goal of independent wealth at an early enough age, investing in stocks seems the logical solution. What other investment tool offers such potential and liquidity with such a history of proven success?

A regular frequenter of other financial bloggers, I decided that there is a value inherint to the process of blogging itself; it provides the perfect medium to frame thoughtful questions and ideas with the backdrop of knowing others will be looking and critiquing my thoughts. This, being my first post, is just to set the stage for what I hope will become a great interchange of ideas.

The themes I wish to pursue in my blog are--if you couldn't already guess from the title--writing and money. Please feel free to chime in with any insights you might have on how to become better with both of these topics.