Sunday, March 9, 2008

Bear Market

These are the times when I am glad there is a second component to this blog: writing; of late, I have emmersed myself in the novels of Cormac McCarthy. I finished All the Pretty Horses two weeks ago, am halfway through Blood Merridian (a very difficult read), and am plowing my way through No Country for Old Men (awesome book). McCarthy is the author I am writing my Master's thesis on. The cornerstone of my paper will be The Road.

I've just been sitting on my stocks and mutual funds. In early January, I sold a couple of stocks and moved some of my riskier mutual funds into more conservative funds, still stock-based, but more large-cap, dividend producers.

I intend to make more blog entries, so please reply and give me feedback. Let's start a dialogue.


Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it take an awful lot of time , thought, and commitment to the make a lot of money via stocks and trading? Add to this that the time, thought, commitment I mention is tied completely to making money and becoming rich, your life/psyche/emotions are tied to something that in my mind is often mutually exclusive to art. I don't know James.

dr said...

Hi James,

congrats on starting a blog. It takes time and energy, but can be rewarding I imagine. I would suggest that you decide up front the type of blog you intend. From my perspective, blogs that mix personal and theme usually do neither justice. Your family and friends may not be as interested in your money making thoughts, and people who might be interested in your money-making or craft-of-writing thoughts probably don't care to hear about changing diapers...unless you are recommending that we buy P&G stock. Also, I think that the cadence of different types of blogs reflects the content. Family/friends love short vignettes into your personal life, but we all know that well thought out treatises on specialized topics are not going to come everyday.

My 2 cents,

Anonymous said...

Hi James,

Good work. Not only do you find time to read, you even translate it into a blog! Well done and keep up the good work.

And besides time, space is also closely connected with money. These two are waht people do not have enough of and get compensated with money. So if you would have all the space and time you would need. Money could go down the priority list. In any case, I do not rank myself in that category. So money still counts.

In any case, keep up the good work and enjoy the Road while Robyn is driving you guys South later this week!

Groet, Jasper